How It Works


Before your session we will have a pre-consultation. This will give us a chance to get to know each other, which will make our portrait session much more relaxing. This normally takes place in your home, so I can get an idea of your style. We’ll talk about how you want to use your portraits, and any expectations that you may have. We will discuss a location, clothing options, and most importantly, book your session. Next comes the fun stuff!


Portrait Day!


Families & Children

These sessions normally take between 60-90 minutes. You can break up the group if you would like a family portrait as well as the children alone.

Ray, Lauren 11-16-20

Senior Portraits

I love the creativity of seniors. The possibilities are endless! Typically this session will run 2 hours, depending on the number of outfits. Plan on 3-4 clothing changes. We will certainly get enough poses for you to choose from. Occasionally I will take you to multiple locations so I can make sure that you get the variety you’re looking for.

DSC_8712-opt (1)


Newborn sessions typically take place in the comfort of your home where you and your baby can feel relaxed. I also encourage you to take some family and sibling portraits on this day as well. I will bring everything we need for the session. It typically takes about 3 hours, but may take longer. We need plenty of time for feeding, diaper changing, and of course cuddling! I book a limited number of newborn sessions per month, and the session needs to take place when your baby is 4-10 days old. You really need to think ahead on this one, as you will certainly be busy as well. We will have your pre-consultation 8-12 weeks before your due date.


After your session I will need approximately 2 weeks to edit your portraits. I will then return to your home so that you can select your favorites and place your order. I will help you go through all of your options. I will be hand delivering your portraits in no time!


I would love to thank you for referring your family and friends. Photography is so personal, and it means the world to me that you would recommend my services.
For each new client that you refer and books a session, I will send you both a $50 gift certificate towards prints or a future session, whichever you prefer.


Thank you for having me into your home to photograph this huge occasion! There are a few details that you need to know in order for the session to run smoothly.

My number one priority is your baby’s safety.

Secondly, please don’t worry about how your house looks. I totally understand that days ago you gave birth. It does not matter to me in the least bit how many dishes are in the sink. If there is a particular place in your home where you want portraits taken, just try and tidy up that area.

Next, crank the heat! A lot of your baby’s portraits will be taken with minimal clothing. They do not have the means to keep themselves warm yet, so we need to keep them cozy. A warm baby is a happy baby. So crank that thermostat to a toasty 80 degrees about a half an hour before I get there.

Feed the baby 2 1/2-3 hours before our scheduled session. And after you feed them I would suggest having someone come to play with the baby so they can keep them awake until I get there. We want the baby nice and tired when we get started. While this person is exhausting your child, you can go get a shower. You can take a nap. Maybe even go get your hair and nails done! That way when I arrive you can feed the baby again while I’m setting up and we will be good to go!

Also about an hour before I get there loosen the baby’s diaper. You don’t have to take it off, just undo the tabs and loosen it. This is also a good time to put cream on any dry patches the baby may have.

While I love help, sometimes it may be a little distracting to have other people present while the portraits are being taken. We want to keep the house calm and quiet.
If there are siblings in the portrait as well, I will do the group shots first. That way the other children do not have to stay for the remaining time. Might I suggest having Dad take the kids out for the remainder of your session time?
And lastly try and remember to enjoy this time with your baby. Newborns cry, spit-up, and they will certainly have accidents. It happens all the time. Just relax, and your baby will relax with you. I’ll be there to make sure you look great. That’s what you hired me for, right?